STLA renewing entire van range; hydrogen, second-gen BEVs coming

Stellantis today announced the renewal of its entire van range at the same time, including a fully electrified van range—which has been the case in Europe since 2021.  In the EU30, Stellantis had a 43% share of the electric van market—the largest of any company.

Jean-Philippe Imparato

The company is releasing its second-generation battery-electric (BEV) technology this year, providing greater range with no change in capability (payload, cargo volume, flexibility). It will have an in-house electric conversion offer.

The Ram BEV large van in the United States is the first step in Ram’s electrification offensive, according to Jean-Philippe Imparato, head of STLA Commercial Vehicles.

Overview STLA event

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is essential for the future, Imparato said. The midsize vans already have fuel cells; another large van will be added in 2024 and again in 2025, with heavy duty trucks coming in less than three years.  Retrofits will come in 2024 for customers looking for a more affordable but trustworthy solution.

In Europe, at least, rollup doors on the back of vans make them more flexible for owners—will these make it to ProMaster? It’s impossible to know right now.

Worldwide: five vans, ten pickups, compact to extra-large – and micromobility. More than 800,000 combinations. 50% of total commercial vehicle sales go to conversions and upfitters.  The company has over 400 customization partnerships, globally.

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