2024-2025 Dodge Charger: Brief FAQ

A number of questions have been coming up regarding the 2024-2025 Dodge Chargers released yesterday; most of these can be answered using information we already have.

Two-door 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Scat Pack

Q. How much will they cost, and what fuel economy do the gasoline cars have?
A. We don’t know yet. Don’t expect the base Charger Hurricane Six to match the base 2023 Charger V6 in price, because even the entry-level Charger announced yesterday

Q. Will the EVs have the federal battery credit?
A. Not at first, because the American and Canadian battery plants haven’t been built yet—though two of them are under construction. The first batteries will probably be imported from South Korea. They are definitely not getting the credit until the Brampton battery plant starts up.

Q. Does the sedan seat four or five people?
A. Five!

Q. Is one of them really a hatchback?
A. No, both of them are. It dramatically increases usable cargo space.

Q. All these all wheel drive models… do they have the front axle disconnect system that other Mopars have?
A. The gasoline powered Chargers do have it.

Q. Do the sedan and coupe really have the same wheelbase?
A. Dodge says they do.

Q. Is the interior of bigger or smaller than the Challenger and 2023 Charger?
A. The wheelbase is five inches longer than the Challenger, and one inch longer than the 2023 Charger. The length is around 7 inches longer than the Challenger and 6.4 inches longer than the older Charger. Inside, we only have dimensions for the coupe, which has 79.8 inches of legroom (combined front and rear); that’s way more than the Challenger’s 74.6 inches and two inches less than the Charger sedan’s 82 inches. Cargo volume of 22.75 cubic feet is far above either the old Charger or the old Challenger.

All-new four-door Dodge Charger Daytona R/T, shown in Peel Out exterior color.

Q. What about the Banshee?
A. It’s coming in 2025, that’s all we know.

Q. They’re all AWD? Are there no basic V6 cars, no smaller engines, no RWD?
A. So far, yes, they’ve only released high-powered I6 or BEV cars with AWD.

Q. What about manual transmissions?
A. Not at this time. As a stick driver, this is disappointing, but not surprising. Precious few vehicles have stick-shift options, and these power levels require quite costly and large manual transmissions. It may be a space issue; it may be a gas-mileage issue; it may be a heat issue. Perhaps later?

Q. When will you have tables comparing it to the outgoing models and such?
A. Soon, we hope, but not all the data on the various Chargers is in yet.

Q. Why didn’t they release dimensions?
A. They did! And we posted them yesterday. We had more in the story.

2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Exterior Dimensions

2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Interior Dimensions




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