Dodge Garage Examines the History of the Hornet GLH Concept Name

When the Dodge Hornet was introduced at Speed Week in Metro Detroit back in 2022, the production-ready GT and R/T models were accompanied by the GLH Concept. That name is based on the Omni GLH from the 1980s, but it has become apparent that many people in the modern Dodge community are not familiar with the hot hatchback from the front-wheel-drive performance era.

Dodge Omni GLH-S

To help reintroduce the Omni GLH and GLH-S to the modern Brotherhood of Muscle, Dodge Garage published a piece that details the features of each package. Dodge Garage also used this history lesson to showcase a pristine, privately owned Dodge Omni GLH-S. That car, shown here, is owned by Anthony Prior and you can see many more pictures of it – in addition to a thorough breakdown of what made the GLH models unique – by clicking here to check out the Dodge Garage piece.


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