Five things to know about the ProMaster EV, including prices

Last week, Ram finally unveiled the 2025 Ram ProMaster EV, complete with a new front-end appearance. This update does not just refresh the commercial van; it also continues the long road to making Fiat’s original van design more palatable to discerning palates.

2025 Ram ProMaster EV

Here are five key things to know about the ProMaster EV:

  1. It won’t upset most of your work with past ProMasters. This is not a radical redesign; it still has front wheel drive, most of the key parts are still up front so you can modify the rear to your heart’s content, it is still unibody, most key (class-leading) dimensions are similar or identical, and most of the controls and such are similar to gasoline models (even the PRNDL). The power rating is quite close to that of the Pentastar V6 gasoline engine.
  2. The driving range is not exceptional. This is a fine van for city and suburban use, but you probably won’t be turning it into a recreational vehicle (a common use for ProMasters) and you almost certainly won’t try to tow much with it. The 162 mile range is however more than enough for a vast number of delivery services and craftsmen.
  3. There is now one basic size, but more are coming. Commercial vans generally come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; for now, the ProMaster EV is currently sold only on the longest wheelbase (159 inches) in 12 foot and 13.5 foot lengths and an interior cargo height of 86 inches and 75.6 inches between the walls, yielding 524 cubic feet of cargo space.
  4. There’s plenty of technology. Just like the regular ProMaster, buyers get a 10-inch center screen, WiFi hot spot (subscription optional), a standard telematics module, and such; Ram Telematics enables location and driving insights for efficiency, routing, and safety, with real time diagnostics and vehicle performance data. Like the gasoline powered ProMaster, it has LED headlights—but these are more durable, and have 70% higher lumens for a 50% higher range than the gasoline model from 2023. There is crosswind assistance, drowsiness detection, traffic sign recognition, and all sorts of other standard and optional gadgetry.
  5. Pricing and competition. The ProMaster Delivery runs to a hefty $79,990 plus destination, with a rollup rear door and curbside pocket door standard; the cheaper Cargo has not been priced yet. Ford’s E-Transit starts at $53,835 but has a much lower 126-mile range with similar power (275 hp), and fewer features.  Mercedes has much less power (201 hp max) and the price is in the same ballpark as the Ram. The Ram charges far faster than any known competitor. (Motales has more details.)

10-inch ProMaster screen (BEV)

The ProMaster EV is available for ordering now (even if it isn’t on the Ram web site yet), with delivery expected somewhere from April to June. Cargo starts in spring and summer at lower prices.

The 2025 ProMaster EV promises to be a utility-first, conventionally styled, convenient-access van which will provide a consistent ProMaster experience for operators.  Some may see no point to the electric motor drive, while others will see vast savings in fuel and  less pollution and noise in their garage or loading bays.  Perhaps if this model takes off and customers demand it, a hydrogen fuel cell option might be next.

For the full ProMaster EV story, see our writeup at motales.

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