New Apparel Could Point to Production Dodge Hornet GLH

When Dodge debuted the Hornet at Speed Week back in 2022, it was introduced in two production trim levels and one concept trim level. The production levels were the GT and R/T, both of which have been in production and on sale around the country for some time now. The concept trim level was the GLH and following the debut of that GT-based GLH model in Detroit, the brand introduced an R/T-based concept at the Hornet first drive event last year. However, aside from those two concepts, there has not been any mention of the Hornet GLH, but a new line of apparel from the Dodge brand suggests that a production version of the model that Goes Like Hell could be on the horizon.

Dodge Hornet GLH Apparel

Earlier this week, Dodge Garage shared an article titled “The GLH Collection Just Dropped” and in that piece, the official Dodge outlet showcases a few new apparel items that wear the GLH logo. There are a few different t-shirts, a few different hats, a tumbler, a notebook and a hoodie, all of which sport the Hornet GLH logos. This article also shows the white GLH concept that was first introduced at the media first drive event for the Hornet. Click here for more on the R/T-based Hornet GLH.

Dodge Hornet R/T GLH

Now, it is a possibility that Dodge is offering a collection of apparel for a concept vehicle, but realistically, I believe that they are introducing these items ahead of the production debut of a higher performance Hornet. That way, when the Hornet GLH goes on sale, those folks who order or buy one will be able to order clothing and other items to rep their new Dodge right away.

Finally, both the article on Dodge Garage and the page on the Dodge Life website where the Hornet GLH items are listed have “If you know, you know” at the top. I believe that “if you know, you know” refers to the fact that fans of the Dodge brand know that the GLH is coming to production.

Dodge Hornet GLH concept


I don’t have any idea when the Dodge Hornet GLH will reach dealerships or even be officially announced for production, but I believe that this new line of GLH-themed apparel is a low-key confirmation that we will soon be able to buy a Hornet that Goes Like Hell.

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