STLA buying into AI, data analysis with CloudMade purchase

Stellantis has purchased the intellectual property rights and patents of CloudMade to support the “SmartCockpit.” CloudMade has an “AI-powered framework” which Stellantis claimed is “the industry-leading cloud and software development kit for collecting and analyzing automotive data sets.”

lean burn engine computer

CloudMade’s 44 employees are also joining Stellantis. The goal is to provide:

  • Predictive maintenance and diagnostics, especially handy for fleets
  • Personalized “in-car experiences” to adapt to climate control, entertainment, and “driving style coaching”
  • A voice assistant that is not an Alexa or Google option
  • Remote commands including pre-trip planning and battery preconditioning
  • Advanced navigation and mapping with real-time traffic and smarter routing
  • Fleet management features

This takes the company far, far beyond the old engine computers (shown due to lack of a relevant photo).

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