Chrysler finally has a leader—from Honeywell

Christine Feuell is leaving her post as Chief Commercial Officer of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions to become the leader of the Chrysler brand. She will report directly to Carlos Tavares.

Christine Feuell, Chrysler CEO

While Honeywell might seem like an odd place to be mining for a leader of a car brand, Christine Feuell rose through the ranks of marketing at auto companies Ford and Johnson Controls as well as Honeywell. The fact that she is leaving a high job at Honeywell suggests that Stellantis intends to put serious resources behind the Chrysler brand.

Carlos Tavares wrote, “Christine heading Chrysler is great news for Stellantis and I’m convinced that she will play an integral and strategic role in setting the new impetus and direction for this iconic brand and unleash its great potential.”

Some on social media suggested that Stellantis was not serious about Chrysler because they had not selected a leader yet; others believed a more serious search was taking place, to find someone who could find and reinforce the elusive, unique “Chrysler-ness” of the brand.

The move takes place on September 13.

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