Get your (nearly) new Concorde, only $13,900

Did you really want a Chrysler Concorde back in 1994, but failed to buy one when they were new? Now is your second chance; Primo Classics has one which is, for all intents and purposes, brand new, with just 987 miles on the clock. Photos show a mint condition car.


The Concorde has a four-speed automatic, 3.5 liter high-output engine boasting 214 horsepower, and fuel economy good for a large car of the era—16 mpg city, 24 highway, using the permissive pre-2008 standards (maximum 55 mph, no air conditioning in testing) and premium fuel. The interior is blue, a color no longer available on just about any vehicle.

The car comes with cruise control, air conditioning, antilock brakes, a CD player and cassette deck, and 15 inch wheels; dual airbags were standards (no side airbags). Seats are covered in a durable, comfortable cloth.

The LH was a revolutionary car, and really had no equal when it was launched; and now you can own a part of history for under $14,000 (excluding taxes, title, registration, etc.) — More at the dealer site.

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