Meet the real future of Chrysler—we think

Chrysler has fallen to just two models—the Voyager/Pacifica minivan, reported in sales figures as a single model, and the 300. The rumor mill claims that the 300’s future is in doubt. It’s no surprise that many think Chrysler is headed to the chopping block, despite Stellantis’ statement that every brand will get funding and ten years of time to turn around (quite a change from the FCA “three brands at a time” approach).

chrysler airflow vision

This video from FCA shows the latest update of the Chrysler Airflow Vision. The original Airflow was one of the most influential cars ever made, with copycats throughout Europe and eventually in the United States (including many aspects of the Volkswagen Beetle); it was the first production car to have any real (and researched) concession to aerodynamics, with placement of the axles determined by science rather than looks, and numerous other innovations.

The new Vision appears to be engineered entirely as an electric vehicle; and while it is clearly all new, or at least an evolution of a 2020 CES concept car, it builds upon the old C200 concept and the recent Chrysler 200 and Voyager design language (not to mention the company’s old squaring-the-circle steering wheel design). But watch the video to learn more…

One post-script: Chrysler has produced a Vision as well as an Airflow. While the Airflow was a sales disaster, the Eagle Vision, a high-end, sporty LH car, was a success, albeit one eclipsed by the Dodge Intrepid.

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