Tip: New Dodge Challenger for 2024-25?

A new Dodge Challenger, codenamed LB, is reportedly slated for production around 2024-25, and is likely to end up at Brampton—where the current Challenger, Charger, and 300 are made. This tip counters a recent story that the Challenger was being dropped.

It seems likely the four-door Charger will continue, and it doesn’t take an STLA Brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure out that a new Magnum is fairly likely to join them—if not a Chrysler 300 crossover. While there’s no confirmation of a wagon or crossover so far, crossovers are far more popular than traditional sedans or coupes.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

Stellantis does not comment on rumors of future releases.

As for the rumors that the current Challenger is being dropped: these are true insofar as the current generation will likely cease production in 2023. It appears that Dodge is not dropping the concept or the name, and indeed nobody at Dodge has indicated otherwise—other than the loss of one engine.

The new car will have at least one new engine option, and one current option has been confirmed as leaving: the supercharged 6.2 Hellcat V8. Chances are there will be at least one performance hybrid, with electric motors filling the Hellcat gap, and a battery-electric (BEV) version to provide insanely low 0-60 sprints. We’ll have more on the powertrain story soon.

The pictured car is not a rendering of a 2024 Challenger “LB.”


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