Ram replacing 212,373 airbags following one rupture

Ram will be replacing around a quarter of a million airbags, along with some replacement-part inflators, after a single airbag unexpectedly deployed (without injury to anyone). After word of the errant airbag reached the engineers, they conducted an investigation and found possible moisture contamination during manufacturing. The same supplier’s airbags have also been recalled by another automaker .

2016 Ram 1500 Tradesman

The chances of injury from this defect in the next few weeks seem slim, but are above zero, and affected customers are advised to get the recall done; it is free. Customers will be contacted by Stellantis, but only if their address has been kept up to date; they can also use Ram’s web site to see if their vehicle is covered, using their VIN.

Affected trucks are:

  • 2015-20 Ram 3500 pickups and chassis cabs
  • 2015-20 Ram 2500 pickusp
  • 2015-18 Ram 1500
  • 2019-2020 Ram 1500 “DS” or “Classic” (the older generation pickups; not the newer “DT” generation. The older generation Ram 1500 was not originally badged “Ram 1500 Classic,” so if you have any doubt, check the VIN.)

Sales figures for affected vehicles are:

  • USA: 212,373
  • Canada: 42,532
  • Mexico: 3,802
  • Everywhere else: 4,450

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