Dodge Challengers, Chargers to get new / retrofitted theft protection

Dodge is announcing a series of three new security solutions to help protect Dodge Challenger and Charger owners against criminal theft.

The first is an “Enhanced Security Valet Mode” that uses a four-digit code in the radio to limit engine power output to less than 3 horsepower, preventing fast getaways. (This was discussed earlier, but will be available starting on Monday, August 16, on request at Dodge dealers as a flash software upgrade. It will be free for 2021-model-year Challengers and Chargers with 392 or supercharged Hellcat engines.)

Dodge Challenger

The second feature is a “Key Programming Lockdown” that prevents thieves from programming new key fobs after breaking into a vehicle. The Lockdown feature rollout begins in Q1 2022. When fully implemented, Key Programming Lockdown will be available for 2015-to-current model year Challengers and Chargers with any engine option.

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The third solution is a new “Intrusion Module” that activates vehicle alarm systems if it senses glass breakage or vehicle movement. The Intrusion Module will be available on all 2022 model year Dodge Chargers and Challengers.

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