Strong growth in Mexico

Stellantis México just reported on its sales figures, which grew 61% compared with June 2020 and now includes Peugeot.

Ram dominated the sales lists, with a June record of 2,787 vehicles; the Fiat-based 700 cleared 1,034 sales, while the ProMaster Rapid had 444 and the Ram Light Duty had 828.

Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 5008 had a 30% sales increase in México for June 2021

Dodge posted 1,141 sales, roughly half of which were the Mexico-only, Fiat-based Dodge Attitude; but the Charger sold quite well given its price, with 447 sales.

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Jeep had 1,017 sales, a 44% increase over June 2020, with the Wrangler accounting for a third of the total and Grand Cherokee around a quarter (239).

Peugeot sold 1,173 vehicles. Fiat sold 1,147 vehicles. Both have a full lineup in Mexico and neither reported any particular vehicle’s unit sales.

Alfa Romeo and Chrysler are clearly bit players in Mexico, with each selling just 18 cars in June 2021.

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