Former-Chrysler sales shoot up; market share down, limited by chips

The good news is that the former Chrysler’s sales shot up in the second quarter of 2021, rising by 32% to 487,657 (including Fiat and Alfa Romeo). The bad news is GM was up 40%, Hyundai was up 74%, Honda was up 66%, Toyota was up a stunning 73%, and Volkswagen was up 54%. Indeed, with U.S. light vehicle sales up 57% in the second quarter, 32% is a bad number indeed.

Year to date numbers are also good on their own, but bad when compared to the rest of the industry, To cut a long story short, the big winner was Toyota, which started out quite well and rose by 44.5% year-to-date. GM is only up 20% for the year; and Honda rose 41% with Hyundai rising a dizzying 48%. \

Year to date, Chrysler, Ram, and Alfa Romeo had the highest percentage gains. Chrysler sales rose by 33%, mixed evenly between 300 and Pacifica. The company sold 47,571 Pacificas even though the factory was closed on and off. Ram had huge gains in vans so that ProMaster even reached 29,009. Ram pickup sales were great at 313,068, a 27% gain. Jeep did well, too, rising 14% overall, with the Gladiator bursting out to a 40% increase, reaching 48,784. The Wrangler one-upped with 118,666 sales, year to date, beating the Grand Cherokee’s 107,924; both are selling very well and earning big profits. The Cherokee gained 18%. Probably due to production problems, the Compass lagged behind with a 29% drop, putting it about on par with the Renegade for once.

Dodge numbers fell, but that’s because the Journey and Caravan were both dropped. Every other car sold well, posting 30% (Durango), 37% (Challenger), and 40% (Charger) gains.

Overall, Stellantis sold 954,963 cars and trucks in the United States from January 1 to May 31 2021, up 17% from the year before, including Fiat and Alfa Romeo but not Maserati.

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