Three-Row Jeep Grand Cherokee to Debut on January 7th

An email from the Jeep brand confirmed what many of us have known for some time now – that a three-row Grand Cherokee is coming to a showroom near you. The email, shown below courtesy of Scott of, doesn’t actually state that it is a three-row Grand Cherokee, but the details leave no question as to what is coming on January 7th.

As you can see, the top of the email proclaims that the Jeep brand has big news to share on 1/7/2021. That is this Thursday. There is then a picture with the reference of expanded possibility, which creates some questions, but the font at the bottom of the image answers those questions.

The bit at the end of this email states that the most awarded SUV ever is getting a third row of seats. The most awarded SUV ever is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, so without saying it, this email confirms that there is a three-row Grand Cherokee on the way and it is likely to debut on January 7th. There is no additional information on how it will be revealed, but with FCA having held several streaming reveals, that seems like the best way to introduce the world to a new vehicle these days.

The email ends with a button to sign up for updates and no further information is offered, but from what little is there, we gather everything that we need to know that a three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee will soon meet the world. When that new model debuts, you will find all of the key details here on


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