2024 Charger rendering with its basis

YBNormal has provided a new speculative rendering of what the 2024 Charger could look like, based on Dodge’s blue image of an EV. It’s meant as a four-door, despite the lack of door lines or handles—this doesn’t have a great deal of detail, and that’s deliberate, “so people realize it’s an educated guess, a rendering with some hints from sneak peeks, not to be assumed as real product.”

YBNormal added, “The renderings are to get people thinking about what’s coming and put their own ideas or renderings out there for discussion and hopefully build more excitement. Whatever they do build, not everyone will like it. Nowadays naysayers are more outspoken than people who actually like the product. For every stock Challenger, there are hundreds that are somewhat modified, even if just the wheels.”

2024 Charger rendering

The top image is the well-camouflaged general outline of the car from the EV Day presentation; the bottom image is a rendering filling in some of the gaps and suggesting what might be in store, again, from trends and hints. Your comments are invited.

There have been conflicting rumors about the upcoming Charger and Challenger . The most likely at the moment suggests a conventional next-gen Challenger using the 4xe and an inline turbo-six engine, with and without hybrid additions. This would roughly replicate the current line of 5.7 and 392 engines, with the top turbo six plus hybrid turning in acceleration figures in the same league as the original 707 horsepower Hellcat cars. There would be an all-electric Dodge Charger as well (a convenient name for those who like puns), which would meet or beat the Hellcat acceleration numbers by moving electrons around. Whether there are actually two of each—traditional and BEV—remains to be seen, as does the manufacturing location. It will be interesting to see if Dodge tries a “traditional Charger and Charger SE” strategy—though perhaps Charger SE would be named Charger AC instead.

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