How does Carlos Tavares see Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram?

During the 2030 strategy presentation, Carlos Tavares pointed to the many Stellantis brands as a major asset. He noted that car prices range from 6,000 to 200,000+ euros, and described each brand with one or two words. The former Chrysler brands are bolded.

  • Alfa Romeo: Sportiness
  • Chrysler: Ingenious
  • Citroën: Care
  • Dodge: Muscle
  • DS: Art of Travel
  • Fiat: Dolce Vita
  • Jeep: Freedom
  • Lancia: Elegance
  • Opel/Vauxhall: German Energy
  • Peugeot: Allure
  • Ram: Courage

The use of “courage” for Ram should be interesting as time goes on; while “ingenious” is a good sign for Chrysler. If nothing else, it would like the first 1924 Chrysler to the next 2024 Chrysler .

Figuring out the ramifications of these labels should be interesting. Only a few are obvious to those outside the corporate headquarters.

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