2024 Fiat 500e prices set—below 2019 models

Fiat is dropping the price on the 500e from the prior generation, but it will still cost more than the Leaf ($27,495).

Buyers can get the 2024 Fiat 500e for $32,500 plus destination, according to Alex Bernstein of CarsDirect. His report comes from dealership order guides. The car may be sold as “haggle-free,” without individual discounts (but possibly with factory rebates as needed), according to CarsDirect.

2022 Fiat 500 electric (BEV) (Fiat 500e)

The all-electric 500e, already sold in Europe, is a brand new design created to be a battery-electric from ground up. It will have front wheel drive, 17-inch aluminum wheels, cloth bucket seats with red accents, and a massive 10-inch UConnect 5 screen with navigation. This is a substantially better-outfitted vehicle than the old one, which relied on a frustrating small-screen Microsoft-Fiat telematics system.

The current 500e was shown off at the 2022 Los Angeles auto Show, but the sale date has not changed since then—early 2024. The official specifications and American-spec range are to be announced in the next two weeks.

Fiat 500e reveal

The 500e was engineered as a mass-market vehicle for European buyers, but with allowances for U.S. regulations and safety testing. It is likely to be built in Europe and shipped to the United States. The car might or might not be eligible for a $7,500 tax credit.

Car & Driver predicted that the 500e would have a 117 hp electric motor with high torque, and a driving range of less than 200 miles per charge. The prior model ran from zero to sixty in around 8.4 seconds, which would allow for stoplight racing against Corollas.

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