A new force is coming: 2024 Ram with Hurricane Six?

Ram has started showing a video teaser on Facebook (but not on Youtube, where the phrase “a new force is coming 5.10.23” has started becoming a popular search term). There is little to see: the camera accelerates over broken desert ground, finally resolving into this scene—

a new force is coming 5.10.23

Two possibilities immediately come to mind. First is that the Hurricane Six will be a new option on the Ram; in addition to being May 10, 5.10 is the horsepower of the twin turbo inline six-cylinder engine, in hundreds (510 hp or 5.10 hundred-hp).

Second is that the DU Ram might be showing up early, though this is less likely. The next generation DU is more likely to show up in about a year, when the Ram 1500 REV actually enters production.

Putting a new engine into the existing Ram would not be unheard of; it lets engineers introduce one brand new major component into a well-tested design, reducing the number of surprises that come up when a vehicle is truly all new.

The Hurricane 510 has power and acceleration between the current 5.7 Hemi and the supercharged 6.2 Hellcat, which is only used in the TRX. It generally replaces the 392 Hemi, which is rated at 485 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque. The Hellcat’s final year is reportedly 2023, so the Hurricane 510 could be replacing it in the 2024 TRX—or it might be slotted in as a standard option on other Ram 1500s. There are many possibilities, and only Ram really knows which will be correct—but we are likely to find out in five days.

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