Avenger relaunch in four Jeep “brand attribute” commercials

Jeep has re-released the Avenger in Europe, with the addition of the awaited hybrid version to the existing all-electric model. The Avenger is a compact crossover not planned for sale in North America; the battery version has a 400V motor and 54 kWh battery.

2013 Jeep Avenger

The hybrid uses a 1.2 liter, 3-cylinder gasoline engine with a 48V battery and automatic dual-clutch six-speed gearbox. A pure gasoline version is also available with 100 horsepower and a manual transmission only.

The Freedom commercial follows a parachutist and their battery-electric Avenger, with the ability to add 30 km in three minutes for a 20%-to-80% recharge in 24 minutes. The Adventure commercial follows a woman who uses her Avenger to go through a canyon in the mountains of Umbria. The Authenticity commercial quotes designers and shows them using materials (which reflects on quality and work ethic), and the Passion commercial focuses on an Italian dancer taking an Avenger to her dance hall.

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