Jeep dropping Gladiator in Europe because of diesel; FarOut to be last edition

Jeep launched the European Gladiator in 2021; the pickup was exclusively diesel-powered, a position which was already somewhat difficult when it was launched, and which has increasingly become untenable. Diesel sales have been falling in Europe since the Volkswagen scandal spread to other automakers, with its place apparently taken by hybrids and full-electric cars. The latter finally overtook diesels recently.

Jeep Gladiator FarOut Final Edition

Rather than sell the Gladiator in 4xe form in Europe, the company has chosen to drop it entirely, most likely due to low sales. The most popular Jeeps on the continent are the Renegade and Compass, which fit local roads and fuel prices better. The Renegade, which preceded the current Compass, took Jeep to a 1% market share.

The FarOut Final Edition has a metallic plaque on the tailgate and “black freedom fender decals” above the wheel arches, along with deep tint glass, 18-inch wheels with gloss black paint, Mopar side steps, and a body-color three-piece hardtop with a Mopar headliner. The car itself is based on the Overland trim, but has heated McKinley leather seats, a heated steering wheel, and a spray-in bed liner. The nine-speaker Alpine audio group is standard along with a full range of safety gear, 400W inverter, rear under-seat storage, 230V AC outlet, and dual top group. The diesel itself has 194 kW and 600 Nm and is paired to the TorqueFlite 8HP75 eight-speed automatic. Orders appear to be open now.

1 thought on “Jeep dropping Gladiator in Europe because of diesel; FarOut to be last edition”

  1. Please don’t tell me they are going to quit the American Gladiator too. Part of the reason of low sales is because the Wrangler is always the one getting updates and attention. If the Gladiator got the 392 when the Wrangler did, that would have helped a lot. Also, I own a Gladiator and I can tell you the Pentastar sucks. It has no lowend torque. The Gladiator is so far behind other midsize trucks they need to just go ahead and give it the 2.0 and 4xe for 2024 and drop the Pentastar along with the Ecodiesel. It also needs a Rubicon X trim.