Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas from Mopar

Christmas is rapidly approaching and right now, anyone who is ordering items online with the hopes of getting them in time for Christmas morning are running out of time. However, if you haven’t come up with a gift for a Mopar enthusiast in your life, WearMopar may be able to help. We aren’t sure if the items will arrive in time for Christmas Day, but the official Mopar apparel website has a wide variety of items starting under $10.

Mopar Ornaments

Mopar Gifts Under $50

For those shopping on a smaller budget, has a spread of items starting under $25. This includes items like decals, pens, lanyards, coffee cups, Direct Connection license plates, the Direct Connection catalog, a ball cap, a flask and a Plymouth Hemi Cuda Keepsale ornament from Hallmark.

1970 Plymouth HEMI Cuda Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

When you bump your budget up to $50, you find a wide variety of t-shirts, some hats, several different type of drinkware, a cooler bag, an umbrella and mobile power sources.

16-ounce Tumbler with Cork Base

Gifts Over $50

When you step up over the $50 mark, you will find more wearables with long sleeves, including hooded sweatshirts, more hats, more drinkware items, several styles of golf balls, a few different portable speaker options, a locking key cabinet for the garage, a backpack, a duffel bag and some really expensive socks.

Set of Four 12-ounce Traveler Mugs

“Ugly Stuff”

Ugly sweaters have become all the rage and Stellantis brands have offered Mopar-themed options for a few years now. We have previously talked about ugly sweaters from Dodge and Chrysler, but there is one from Mopar as well. It really isn’t that ugly, in Mopar blue with white trim that includes block-style reindeer, snowflakes and the Mopar logo.

Ugly Holiday Sweater

There is also a blue sweatshirt with a minimal version of the same design on the front and a black sweatshirt depicting a 1966 Dodge Charger in a winter setting.

Holiday Hoodie

Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt

Finally, Mopar offers the “Holiday Jersey Lounging Pants” to complete with Christmas themed outfit .

Holiday Jersey Lounge Pant

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