Luxury Wagoneer has its third recall

Around 100,000 2022-24 Wagoneers have apparently been made so far—if this recall is any indication. The vehicles may have third row seat belt buckles which “may not allow occupants to properly access or fasten the seat belt to the buckle.” The fix is replacing the third row seat belt buckle.

Wagoneer rear vent-seat screen

Only around 1% of vehicles have the problem, so it is not especially widespread. It may affect any car from production start on February 24, 2021 to September 11, 2023. This action started back in October 2022, when the company was first told that some third-row buckles were being damaged or scratched. A good deal of work was needed to isolate the problem and engineer a fix.

It’s the Wagoneer’s third recall; the other two both came in August. One was a rearview camera image not displaying in some conditions, fixable in software; the other was trim interfering with airbags.

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