Mopar US sales fell in 2022 (updated) while GM gained

All FCA US brands were down in U.S. sales for 2022, mainly due to supply shortages. Overall, the “Mopar” brands lost ground to GM, Ford, and Toyota, even as, behind the scenes, Stellantis worked to gain ground after 2024.

At Jeep, the Wagoneer was a hero with 47,955 sales in its first full year (36,219 Wagoneer, 11,736 Grand Wagoneer). It defied predictions that such an expensive Jeep would flop. Meanwhile, the low-end Renegade only had 27,549 sales and the Cherokee only mustered 40,322 sales. The Grand Cherokee hit 223,345 despite being down 16%; Wrangler dropped 11% to 181,409; and Gladiator hit 77,855 down 13%, despite its high price and niche status.

Chrysler 2022 sales

At Ram, the big pickups fell by a surprising 18%, to 468,344, while big vans dropped by 4% to a still-respectable 60,936.

Chrysler 300 saw poor sales in its penultimate year—14,087—down 15%. Pacifica stayed stable, at 98,624—a fraction of its old sales but still good for a minivan in 2022. Overall Chrysler was down by 2%.

Dodge cleared out old inventory, selling four Darts, one Viper, 194 Journeys, and 27 Caravans in the year. Overall Dodge sales were down by 12%. The two winners were the Charger and Challenger, up by 2% and 1% respectively, which was enough to counter Chrysler 300’s fall.  Durango dropped by 16%, with its finally sales ending up surprisingly close to those of the Challenger. The Charger was the biggest selling Dodge, with 80,074 sales.

Fiat unsurprisingly fell, by 61%, to a mere 915 sales across the entire year. The company sold out what are likely its last 500s, 500Ls, and 124s (8, 8, and 24). Alfa Romeo, down 30%, sold 5,092 Giulias and 7,752 Stelvios. Alfa, as a brand, had sales below the Chrysler 300 alone.

2022 U.S. sales ended up at 1.55 million, 11.5% of the US total (13.38 million). Industry sales as a whole (in the US) were down 8%. GM was the big winner, gaining 2.5% from an already strong position, Ford dropped by just 2.2%, losing to GM but gaining from Stellantis. Honda fell by 33% and Hyundai by 1%; Nissan fell by 25%; and Ford has not yet reported in.

2022 sales chart

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