Official 2024 Grand Cherokee changes announced because it’s August 10

Jeep just released the changes to the 2024 Grand Cherokee from the 2023 models in no fewer than six different press releases.

For 2024, the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk has standard 18-inch black aluminum wheels in the US and Canada. The 2023 Trailhawk is limited to 4xe; the releases imply that it is available in non-4xe, but that appears to have been corrected.

30th edition Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee Limited and Limited L (or L Limited) get standard 18 inch polished/painted aluminum wheels, in both the US and Canada.

The Anniversary Edition drops the “30th” from its title, and comes with Capri leatherette seat covers, ventilated front seats, wireless phone charging, Alpine nine-speaker audio, a blackout kit including 20 inch wheels, and trim.  The Canadian release also specifies a 10-inch touchscreen with navigation.

Judging by the press releases, there aren’t any significant updates beyond these.

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