Recall Monday: loose bolts, bad welds, and that Jeep recall

The week’s recall roundup includes some odd GM and BMW gaffes, randomly opening Ford doors, and, at last, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe recall announced by Stellantis two weeks ago.


At GM, the 2023-24 Cadillac Lyriq may have badly welded seat belt brackets, and the Hummer and Silverado EVs may have loose seat belt buckle bolts. These may seem like embarassing mistakes if they hadn’t been released with Ford’s 2015 Fiesta, 2016 Fusion, and 2016 Lincoln MKZ recall for doors which may open while driving.

BMW recalled four 2024 models (230I, 330I, X3, X4) after not tightening the steering ear properly, Volvo recalled the 2019-24 S60 for front passenger airbag issues, and Rivian brought back 2022-23 SUVs and trucks because the defroster and defogger controls may fail. The latter was caused by a software update, and is being fixed by a software update; both were issued “over the air.”

Rivian electric pickup

Finally,  and perhaps most importantly, 2021 Rogues may be missing a brake caliper bushing, 2023-24 McLaren Arturas may have fuel leaks when the pipe comes loose, 2024 Range Rovers may leak oil from an unsecured hose, and 2014 BMW X-series cars may have the driver’s-side airbag inflator explode.

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