STLA leadership shakeup; Chief Engineer Wester out

Stellantis is changing its leadership in several areas. Ned Curic, chief technology officer, will take over Harald Wester’s job of chief engineering officer; Curic will be the Chief Engineering and Technology Officer, aligning the digital and physical product implementations.

Tim Kuniskis with the Dodge Challenger
Tim Kuniskis

At the former Chrysler, Tim Kuniskis, currently leading Dodge, will take over Ram as well. Mike Koval is switching from Ram to leading Mopar North America, reporting to North America’s chief operating officer, Mark Stewart. Olivier François, who handled North American marketing years ago, will stay on as Global Chief Marketing Officer, while also leading the Fiat and DS brands.

mark stewart

DS leader Béatrice Foucher is replacing Olivier Bourges as Chef Planning Officer, while Bourges is switching to be the Global Corporate Office and Public Affairs Officer. He had been General Secretary of PSA.  Silvia Vernetti, head of the Global Corporate Office, will also be head of Global corporate Planning, reporting to Foucher. Giorgio Fossati stays on as General Counsel but will also support the Board of Directors.

Mike Koval

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