2025 Ram 1500 mileage released, compared with 2023s

The 2025 Ram 1500’s mileage is now out at the EPA web site, for all three engines—the carryover 3.6, the new Hurricane which replaces the 5.7 Hemi, and the Hurricane which would replace the 6.4 “392” Hemi if it had been sold on Ram 1500s.

The Ram 1500 with the hot 6.4 engine, which produces 540 hp and 520 lb-ft on premium (91 octane) fuel, is good for 17 mpg combined—15 city, 21 highway. That may not seem like much, but it’s hobbled by around 1 mpg because it’s only available in four wheel drive. It also compares to the Hellcat’s 10 city, 14 highway—though it’s not a fair comparison.

The 3.6 engine is the economy king, such as it is, with 20 city, 26 highway in HFE mode (rear wheel drive); but the hot standard-output Hurricane doesn’t drop the mileage much—it’s a 2 mpg penalty for around 200 hp.

Ram 1500HFERWD4×4
2023 V620/2620/2519/24
2025 V620/2620/2519/24
2023 Hemi15/2215/21
2023 V8 Hybrid18/2317/22
2025 I6-SO18/2517/24
2025 I6-HO15/21

This chart shows why the Hurricane replaces the Hemi. The Hurricane engines aren’t assisted by a small hybrid; but they beat the hybrid’s economy by 2 mpg on the highway. Comparing the Hurricane straight to the Hemi, you can see a stunning 3 mpg city, 3 mpg highway increase. Add in more power, and you have a mix that seems unbeatable.

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger Tradesman

The other interesting part of this comparison is the way that gas mileage is completely unchanged for the three varieties of V6, suggesting quite strongly that the change is solely because of the greater efficiency of the Hurricane. The new I-6 is likely also much easier to tune for tougher emissions standards than the notoriously difficult Hemi was.

Motales.com used the release of the 2025 Ram 1500’s gas mileage to show how important a 1-mpg or 3-mpg gain can be in trucks—while they would not be all that impressive in, say, a Dodge Dart Aero. See the story, with tables.

Thanks to “mentalicca” of Allpar. 

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