Another 199 gone: STLA still trimming plant workers

According to original reporting by Automotive News, Stellantis has cut 199 jobs from the Sterling Heights plant that makes the Ram 1500. The article cited a company statement crediting “ongoing operational reviews” and predicting “indefinite layoffs across [our] U.S. footprint over the coming months.”

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger Tungsten

The cuts come shortly after CEO Carlos Tavares was given a hefty $39 million bonus which covered achievement of ten-year goals. The story quoted a UAW official who did not link the two, but did say that Stellantis was putting profits ahead people and pointed out that families and communities rely on their work.

In the last two months, Stellantis dropped 341 supplemental workers from Toledo Assembly (Wrangler/Gladiator) and 239 from a parts sequencing facility near Mack Avenue, Detroit. The cuts are likely not due to lowered production. The company also laid off around 400 engineering, technology, and software workers, and has toughened its relations with suppliers. The company is preparing to roll out entirely new vehicles based on new platforms; STLA Small and Medium are based on older Peugeot platforms, while STLA Large and Frame appear to be completely new. Despite the new product, the company sought to shut down parts distribution centers and one American assembly plant.

Photo: Ram 1500 Ramcharger to be built at Sterling Heights.

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