Facing falling demand, FCA US drops marketing budget

With demand for Jeep and Ram falling—as evidenced by increasingly high dealership price drops, in some cases in the tends of thousands of dollars—Stellantis has announced that it is withdrawing from the Chicago Auto Show, Houston Auto Show, and regional events.

2022 jeep Wrangler

The company’s withdrawal from car shows means it is also taking out its most visible displays, the Camp Jeep and Ram test tracks. There is no word yet on whether the upcoming New York Auto Show will be included or ejected from the company’s plans. (New York Camp Jeep shown above.)

Stellantis blaming the UAW for its earlier decision to leave the SEMA and Los Angeles shows, despite high reported profits which would not be heavily damaged by the union’s new contract rates.

camp jeep wrangler breakover test

In the past few years, FCA US has sometimes revealed new cars and trucks directly to chosen reporters rather than to the general public.

The company will be releasing its 2023 U.S. and Canada sales reports today or tomorrow. Other companies have already released positive sales figures.

Based on an original story at Automotive News.

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