FCA Canada sales plummet 24% in Q4, fall 6% in 2023

2023 was not a good year for the former Chrysler Canada, other than Dodge; with Jeep, Chrysler, and Ram sales all dropping, the company dropped by 6% for the full year vs 2022, and by 24% in the fourth quarter.

Despite making a special Chrysler Grand Caravan for Canada, Chrysler saw sales drop by 23% from 2022 and by 74% compared to the fourth quarter of 2022. Chrysler ended up with 10,529 sales for the year—1,522 300s, 6,994 Pacificas, and 2,013 bargain Grand Caravans. The brighter side is that the cheaper minivans took more of a hit (down 45%) than the pricier ones (down 9%).

FCA Canada 2023

At Jeep, the news was mostly bad—the saving grace was Wagoneer, Grand Caravan L, and Compass. Wrangler dropped by 20% to 19,102—still the top selling Jeep in Canada—while Gladiator fell 35% to 3,216. The Compass rose by 16%. The two-row Grand Cherokee fell by 70% and the three-row rose by 30% (Canada breaks out the two variations, but the US does not). The company went from a 7:10 sales split to a 1:6 sales split on the two and three row versions. Wagoneer rose by a surprising 69% to 2,756 sales, though Grand Wagoneer dropped a bit to 729 sales. Overall, Jeep was down by 15%.

Dodge saw an increase of 25% for the year, with the Challenger picking up by 40% to 2,602 sales; the big seller was the Durango, which held steady with 2022 overall (but fell quite a bit in the fourth quarter). The Hornet did quite well, with 2,025 sales—mostly in the third quarter. Given the amount of time it was on sale, the Hornet did as well as Charger or Challenger.

Ram saw ProMaster sales fall by 25% to 3,866—it still outsold the Charger or Challenger—and pickup sales fall by 1%, to 75,257. Pickup/chassis cab sales alone beat another combination of two marques. Ram pickups and chassis cabs were, indeed, responsible for nearly half of all FCA Canada sales.

Finally, Alfa Romeo was rescued from another fall by the Tonale, which was the brand’s best seller in Canada with 503 sales (around one quarter of Hornet sales, but enough to easily beat #2 Stelvio). Fiat saw a 17% drop with just 45 sales over the full year.

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