Wagoneer police cars, upcoming Charger Pursuit, Hurricane squads

As the Dodge Charger Pursuit fades into history—for now, at least—Jeep is taking up part of its mantle with an oddity, the Wagoneer L Unmarked Investigation Vehicle. This takes the largest Wagoneer, the extended-length L model, with the twin turbocharged six-cylinder engine, and adds a number of options including emergency lighting, sirens and speakers, dark window tinting, wiring and power distribution centers for police gear, an upfit manual, and a pre-delivery road test.

Wagoneer Unmarked Investigation SUV (police car)

The Wagoneer boasts 420 hp and 468 lb-ft of torque, well above the outgoing Durango Hemi’s output; the transmission is still a TorqueFlite 8-speed. The police version has a 240-amp battery, 18×8 wheels (20×9 optional), and nearly 180 cubic feet of interior passenger volume as well as 42 cubic feet of cargo area behind the third row seats.

Police wanting the Durango Special Service Vehicle will find none available for the moment. There is a Hemi Durango AWD Pursuit package, though; and a Ram 2500/3500 special service vehicle with the Cummins diesel. The 5.7 and 6.4 Hemi are both unavailable for police orders going forward, though both are available for 2024 Durangos and Ram 2500/3500 pickups for civilian buyers. A past Stellpower report indicated that Hemi production shut down after a long buildout of stock which is being used for the final Hemi-using vehicles.

As one might expect, the redesign of the Ram 1500 has temporarily shut down sales of a special service vehicle; a new one using the Hurricane six will be available soon, though, along with a battery-powered Ram 1500 police special services truck. The Durango will gain 3.0 power later this year.

Dodge said that it was working on a new Charger Pursuit as well; a battery and Hurricane version are both reportedly “all but confirmed,” according to one close observer.

Main source/discussion: Allpar.com

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