Ram is Debuting Something Spicy on April 25

Over the course of the past two weeks, the Ram brand has been sharing short videos on social media teasing a new truck that is set to debut on April 25. Frankly, we know what it is and are not allowed to talk about it just yet, but these short teaser videos should at least give everyone who is familiar with the plans for the brand a pretty good idea of what we are going to see on Thursday.

Ram 4.25 Teaser Still

The first teaser video in this series was posted to the Ram Trucks YouTube channel on April 15 and it is titled “Delivery”. The video shows a dark green Ram 2500 Rebel pulling an open trailer and on that trailer is another truck, hidden by a desert camouflage cover. As the camera pans around to give us a look at the profile of the covered truck, the clip ends with the words “You won’t want to miss this delivery”. You can watch that video below.

Ram The Convoy | Delivery

The second video in this series, posted on April 19, is titled Join the Party and it begins by showing a quartet of Ram trucks, including the Rebel pulling a trailer from the first teaser video. This lineup flashes by pretty quickly, but it appears to be a Power Wagon, a Heavy Duty Rebel, a 1500 Rebel and a Warlock – along with the mystery truck under the cover. We see this small fleet from a few different angles before the clip ends with “Get ready to join the party”.

Ram The Convoy | Join the Party

Finally, the latest teaser video is titled “You’re Going to Have to Wait” and it begins by showing a sign that reads “Restricted Area – Ram Testing Facility – Authorized Personnel Only”. Just beyond that sign is what appears to be a trophy racing truck, but the footage quickly cuts to a shot of a Ram Rebel HD pulling the truck under the camouflage cover with actor Glen Powell walking around the front end. He gets up onto the trailer and pulls the cover away from the passenger’s side front corner, revealing the image at the top of this piece. As you can see, it appears to be a Ram 1500 with beadlock wheels. The video ends with the words “Sorry. You’re going to have to wait” followed by an image of the newest Ram logo and “4.25”.

Ram The Convoy | You're Going to Have to Wait

So, what is this mystery truck that is seemingly being led through the desert by the likes of the Ram 2500 Power Wagon, the Ram 2500 Rebel, the Ram 1500 Rebel and the Ram 1500 Warlock? We know and you probably know, but we arent going to say because we arent allowed yet – but on April 25th, you’ll find all of the key details first here on Stellpower.

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