Renegade, dropped from USA, has tenth EU anniversary

Jeep is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Jeep Renegade, which they say is “renowned for its distinctive and cool factor,” and has had almost 2 million sales worldwide.

Renegade (RED)

The “road champion” Renegade was sold in over 100 markets, but the 2024 version did not come to the United States, Jeep’s home.  The 2024 Renegade is also not yet available in Europe, but is apparently coming soon with the “4xe” plugin-hybrid system. 4xe stands, according to the press release, for “enhanced 4×4 performance, driving fun, fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility, an e-Hybrid engine, that guarantees a versatile and relaxing hybrid driving experience, to meet all customers’ needs.”

The Renegade has made many friends in North America as well as Europe, but is far more popular in Europe. In the US, the Renegade saw just 27,549 sales in all of 2022, making it the least popular Jeep (unless you count the Grand Wagoneer separately from the Wagoneer and allow for four Patriot sales); and in 2023, it barely beat the Cherokee in sales despite being available for the full year while Cherokee ceased production early on.

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