Roadkill Nights 2024 is Official

Earlier today, Dodge announced that Roadkill Nights will once again be held in Metro Detroit this summer, with the automotive festival continuing its legacy with the best legal street racing you will ever see – including another year of the Direct Connection Grudge Match.

Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge

Right now, we don’t have any of the key details on Roadkill Nights 2024, as this morning’s press release states that the “date, location, event and ticket details, will be shared later this spring and summer”. However, based on past years, we can make some guesses as to where and when it will be held for 2024.

We know that Roadkill Nights will be somewhere in Metro Detroit and we know that it will feature legal street racing on Woodward Avenue, but we don’t yet know exactly where it will be held. The first year of Roadkill Nights was held at the Pontiac Silverdome before moving to the M1 Concourse for a number of years while in 2023, it was held on a section of Woodward Avenue in Pontiac known as “The Loop”. We do not know if it will be held at the same location as last year or if they will move back to M1 – or if there will be an entirely new location.

As for the date, it is usually held the weekend before the Woodward Dream cruise, which is Saturday, August 17th this year. Based on past years, I expect Roadkill Nights to be held on August 10th, but we will have to wait for the official date announcement.

“For nearly a decade Roadkill Nights has brought horsepower enthusiasts together for a celebration of performance like none other, and the 2024 event will add to the legacy of Dodge and MotorTrend’s horsepower circus,” said Matt McAlear, Dodge brand CEO – Stellantis. “In addition to drag racing and the Direct Connection Grudge Race, we have surprises in store this year that are sure to send a charge through all Roadkill Nights attendees.”

Roadkill Nights will offer legal street racing, a massive car show area, thrill rides, various Dodge-themed attractions and tons of food options. Once again, there will be a celebrity grudge match sponsored by Direct Connection and this year, rather than racing Hemi-powered machines, the competitors will be relying on the HurriCrate I6 engines. That was the initial plan last year, but time constraints forced the field to switch to supercharged Hemi engines.

We do not know what kind of vehicles will be carrying those Hurricane engines, but we do know the six competitors slated to race in the Direct Connection Grudge Match. Returning from past years, we have Tom Bailey, Westen Champlin and Herman “Demonology” Young, and they will be joined by Roadkill rookies Allison Kovalik, Garrett Reed and Morgan Evans. Tom Bailey is well-known for his dominance in the drag-and-drive world, having claimed multiple Hot Rod Drag Week titles with his record-setting Camaro. Westen Champlin is a well-known YouTuber and Herman Young is a YouTuber, but he is best known for his racing success in his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. We don’t have any idea who the three rookies are, but the press release states that Kovalik has a 1967 Dodge Dart that she built herself.

2023 Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge

Once more information surfaces on the racers and the event itself, you will find it here on Stellpower, but the bottom line for now is that Roadkill Nights is on for 2024.

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