STLA’s head of machine learning has left

Another Stellantis executive, Berta Rodriguez-Hervas, has left Stellantis, according to Automotive News—though her LinkedIn page does not show this move. She had won for a Motor Trend award for Software-Defined Vehicle Innovators just five months ago.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept
The interior of the Chrysler Halcyon Concept is an immersive environment with an almost 360-degree range of view, possessing a duality that delivers a “digital detox” cockpit through stress-free autonomous features.

While some are claiming this is part of a major signal about conditions at Stellantis, it’s important to note that most of the moves can be innocently attributed. Tim Kuniskis, for example, reportedly had planned to retire well before he actually did so. Rodriguez-Hervas’ LinkedIn page shows that she spent a year as an intern at Mercedes and fewer than two more years there as a research associate, for a total of two years and ten months at the German automaker. From there, she went to Tesla for two years and two months, leaving in mid-2017, before Elon Musk demanded that radar signals be ignored. Her longest time was at nVidia, where she spent four years and eight months, before being hired on as a very young vice president at Stellantis. She held this job for two years and six months, if reports of her leaving are accurate.

Experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and radar-based and camera-based algorithms are all much in demand at the moment, and it’s quite possible she left for a better offer, as she presumably did before.

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