Wrangler changes, Gladiator falls in 2024 pricing changes

The 2023 Jeep Wrangler started at $31,195; 4xe models were much pricier, partly because they started at a higher option level and only come with four doors; the cheapest (Sport S) 4xe starts at $54,735. Those who lease a new 4xe, admittedly, have a $7,500 incentive to take off the price.

2023 Jeep Wrangler - Earl and Reign

Despite competition from the Ford Bronco and the upcoming Volkswagen Scout line, the 2024 Jeep Wrangler price was bolstered to $31,995 , an $800 increase; but returning lease holders can get an instant rebate of $1,500, which overall cuts the price. The 2024 4xe models’ pricing dropped by $4,000 to $50,695; again, the base model is not available in 4xe form, even though in “enhanced emissions” states, dealers are not allowed to speculative-order anything but the 4xe.  If we compare gasoline to 4xe versions, choosing the Willys four-door as an example, the gasoline version costs $44,590 while the Willys 4xe is $56,030.

The $4,000 drop in the 4xe is a good start; buyers also get a $7,500 incentive when leasing through the company’s chosen financier. (These prices don’t include the $1,895 destination fee.) That brings the lease prices for 2024 Wranglers, for three years, to be about the same—indeed, the Build & Price site has the 4xe being cheaper when leasing thanks to various “bonus cash” offers. The 4xe provides roughly the same mileage as the V6 models, but with far better acceleration.

2024 Jeep Wrangler Willys

Moving to the Jeep Gladiator pickup, 2023 prices are much better than they were as many dealers have been discounting them heavily, and Jeep itself is offering a stunning 15% below list price—just a year after most dealers charged a premium above list, which won’t help resale value. Pricing was just announced for the 2024s, but is not on the Jeep Build & Price site yet. It is:

  • $37,895, Sport (add $3,500 for S)
  • $52,995 Mojave and Rubicon (add $10,000 for “X”)

$1,895 has to be added to each of those. The base prices of the Sport and Sport S are roughly similar to those of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road, Ford Ranger XLT FX4, and Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss, but the Gladiator is more capable than any of those—if capability is the reason behind the purchase, that matters. But let’s look back at the 2023 prices:

  • $38,990, Sport (add $5,490 for S)
  • $51,840 Mojave and Rubicon (add around $3,000 for High Altitude)
  • (Freedom and Willys have not been priced for 2024 yet)

2024 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon X

While each model has a lower price, the biggest savings is in the Sport S, where the price drops by around $1,000 for the Sport and by around $2,000 for the S package. These are substantial drops, but nothing to compare with what dealers are taking off on their own. From being a “get one if you can, paying $5,000 above list” vehicle to a “hey, $10,000 off list, I can justify it now!” deal, the Gladiator’s main price drop is not on the window sticker but on the bottom line of the purchase or lease agreements. Just be careful that the dealer doesn’t add those savings right back on, in the form of inflated paperwork and financing fees, “undercoating,” pinstriping, non-Mopar service contracts (or Mopar contracts with huge markups), and unfavorable interest rates.

So far, there is no Gladiator 4xe pricing—as there is no Gladiator 4xe yet. It’s reportedly due for model-year 2025, but is likely to be launched as soon as Jeep finishes all the many pieces that have to go into place first—not just engineering and extensive testing, but also increased production on the various components and training for dealer techs.

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