Alfa Romeo’s new leader in the USA

Larry Dominique will switch from leading an abandoned return of Peugeot to the United States, to being the leader of Alfa Romeo in North America. He is currently the CEO of Peugeot North America.


Dominique had planned a unique re-entry to the United States: rather than getting franchisees to build large dealerships, he would have used technology to handle vehicle delivery and pickup, not unlike Carvana. The risk of buying or building pricey buildings for Peugeot would likely have made dealership principals less likely to accept manufacturer control over service quality.

One industry analyst commented, “Mr. Dominique spent 5 years building the case to bring Peugeot to North America. Not only he knows the North American market, but he is familiar with the steps involved in launching a brand, and is no stranger to following due diligence. That’s a lot more than anyone at FCA ever did under Marchionne.”

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