Mopars at Auction: Pickup Garners Second Highest Price

GAA Classic Cars auctioned off a number of Mopars at its North Carolina auction recently; a number of 1959 Mopars were included in the sales, with six Dodges, a Plymouth, Imperial, DeSoto, and Chrysler letter-car moving across the block. A 1959 Dodge D500 truck, in the high-end Custom Sierra trim, sold for $51,000, the second highest price of that collection.

d500 auction
Don’t try to click on this, it’s a still!

The video is over seven hours long, but you can skip ahead to 4:18 for the 1959 collection. (Thanks, 55 Plaza!)

Mopars were not well represented otherwise; a 1969 Road Runner shows up at 6:55, and two Dodge Challenger convertibles were sold at 2:37 and 3:50.

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