GME T6 “Tornado” engine is officially real, here’s where it’s made (updated)

While nobody at Stellantis has talked about the new straight-six engine, the turbocharged “Tornado” six is actually listed in the company’s list of manufacturing plants.

As Stellpower reported weeks ago, the engine will be made in Saltillo, which is currently home of the Hemi—every Hemi.

The new inline six-cylinder engine, possibly the last completely new gasoline engine to be made by Stellantis (Hyundai announced today that it was stopping new gasoline engine development), quietly joined the production list last month. It will have standard and high output versions, and will be used in the Ram 1500, Wrangler, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, and Wagoneer, joining the Dodge Challenger when, in 2023 or 2024, a new generation hits the streets.

While the GME T6 might or might not reach Hemi peak output levels (395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet), it would likely reach peak torque earlier and maintain it longer, providing stronger acceleration than the normally aspirated V8. The 4xe, which is based on the GME 2.0 liter engine in the Jeep Wrangler, brings acceleration that’s surprisingly close to that of the monstrous 392 (6.4 liter) Hemi V8, with the gas mileage of the base Pentastar V6.

Fuel economy standards are set to tighten, and Stellantis has set a goal of not paying for fuel-economy credits; the main beneficiary of their failure to reach target mileage figures has been Tesla, which will be a key competitor when electric Mopars start hitting the streets.

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Source: Allpar.

Update: FCA US has quietly removed the mention of the GME T6 from its media sheets, suggesting either that they did not want to announce it prematurely, or that its production has been pushed back. Its use in actual production cars may be more than a year away.


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