Jeep making extra-long Compass in 2022

Jeep will, according to Motor1—which has a spy shot from Europe to support their statement—come out with a seven-seater crossover based on the Compass. Slated for 2022, the crossover would only be made in India and is unlikely to reach the United States—at least, as a Jeep.

The idea is for both right-hand-drive cars (Wrangler and stretched Compass) to be exported to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK, all of which have right hand drive and relatively low Jeep sales. The Indian plant might also make Grand Cherokees in 2022, again for right hand drive markets only.

Previous reports held that the Jeep Grand Commander, made for and in China, was being updated for sale in India. A Chrysler version of that car was also strongly rumored to be in the works for the United States. The Grand Commander is based on the Cherokee, which is on a different architecture than the Compass.

India has one of the world’s larger car markets, but it has largely been untapped by “old Chrysler,” Fiat Chrysler, or Stellantis.

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