Dodge Announces Paint Chip Wrap for the Modern Challenger

When Dodge hosted the Speed Week debut events at the M1 Concourse back in August, they created a modern Paint Chip Car, based on the modern Challenger. Images of that car quickly spread across the internet and, in seeing the massive amount of interest from owners, Dodge has decided to offer this unique cross-stripe design for a limited time.

Dodge Challenger Paint Chip Car

That’s right – you can have a modern Dodge Challenger that looks just like the display vehicle shown here. However, this isn’t a paint scheme being offered by the factory but a vinyl wrap package that is offered for every model year of the modern muscle car, dating back to 2008.

Dodge teamed up with CG Detroit to offer this wrap with all 14 of the colors offered for the 2023 model year, including Plum Crazy, Frostbite, B5 Blue, Sublime, F8 Green, Go Mango, Sinamon Stick, Octane Red, TorRed, Triple Nickel, Destroyer Grey, Granite, Pitch Black and White Knuckle. The wrap costs $3,700, which does not include installation. The company suggests that a professional 3M certified installer applies this wrap to your Challenger for the best results and Dodge Garage has a link to help find those installers in your area.

Dodge Challenger Paint Chip Car

We don’t know how long Dodge will offer this unique vinyl package, but we do know that it is “limited”, so if you are serious about making your modern Challenger look like the classic Paint Chip Cuda, you should act quickly.

Dodge Challenger Paint Chip Car

Paint Chip Cuda

Paint Chip Cuda (1970)

One of the most famous examples of marketing for the classic Plymouth Barracuda is a picture of one wearing every color offered for the 1970 model year, known as the “Paint Chip Car.” The image of this Plymouth muscle car was created to showcase all of the colors for the introduction of the E-body Cuda and in addition to all of the colors, it had unusual side-exit headers and wheelie bars. That marketing image would eventually be recreated by museum-owner and collector Tim Wellborn and his 1970 Paint Chip Cuda has been displayed around the country.


2 thoughts on “Dodge Announces Paint Chip Wrap for the Modern Challenger”

  1. Wrapping is one of the biggest things in car customization right now. Honestly, Dodge could offer wrap packages as part of the Jailbreak upgrades for the next gen Charger. I know everyone is big mad about the “Banshee” and the redesign, I for one, think that the Banshee concept is just to give us a general idea of what the new car is going to be like an not an actual production piece, which of course, is pretty much reiterating what has already been said. It was just something to say hey guys, we’ve got to go EV with some of this stuff, we’re still gonna do things in a Dodge sort of way but we have to do this. Are we going to see a 40K EV Charger, probably not for awhile because the EV version isn’t aimed for the masses, it’s aimed for the Hellcat level vehicles and higher. The Hurricanes are going to be the versions that we’re going to get to replace the R/Ts and Scat Packs and the 2.0L 4XE will more than likely replace the 3.6L in theory. Tim made a big point about customization for these next cars and Dodge is known for wild graphics, loud pipes and loud colors so wrapping would be ideal for the brand and it’s something that some other brands are already starting to catch on to. Jailbreak packages and Direct Connection are going to be big keys with these next cars both ICE and EV and I truly feel that we’re going to see the return of the things that were big for the SRT4 cars that started this whole SRT movement. Dodge wasn’t playing when the brought out the SRT4 neon and it was a car that took the sport compact world by storm and put V8 owners on notice. It wasn’t the 6.1L hemi it was that little nasty 2.4L Turbo from 2003 that started us on this journey. And if Direct Connection brings out Stage kits for this new 3.0L Hurricane in SO and HO form or even for the 2.0L 4xE, or whatever is in the Dodge Hornet, there are going to be some serious performance cars on the streets backed by factory warranties. That along with Jailbreak styling packages, lighting upgrades, etc. will continue what the brand already has going on. Add that kinds of stuff to factory tuned EVs that start at Hellcat level and move beyond what the Redeye and Demon could do and you have some serious firepower from the Dodge Brand. Let’s just say Dodge does something in true Dodge fashion and brings out a top of the line Charger Banshee 1320. Yes as we all know a quarter mile is 1,320ft long but also with a play on numbers, the car would have 1,320hp with a drag pack so it would be a street legal drag car in the same vein as the “wheel-standing demon.” Which means Dodge would now have a car that can take the drag strip crown back from tesla and be loud and brash and electric while doing so. A car that could be offered as a stripped down version like the demon with drag radials and skinnies and all of that stuff and be 100% street legal and have the “Demon” box that adds all of the racing stuff or be optioned out to have an full interior, just like what the demon had. This new direction Dodge is going honestly gives us the best of all worlds. Eight cylinders or not, these new powertrains give us alot of opportunities for some seriously amazing vehicles and a plethora of options for customization right off the showroom floor. With me of course I’m going to focus mostly on Dodge but this goes for all of the Mopar brands, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram. There is just so much that can be done with this new direction that the brand is taking and it makes the possibilities endless that the brand is not pigeonholing themselves with V8s. It’s truly a good thing.

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