Handful of Jeeps in exceedingly minor recall

Under a hundred 2022 Grand Cherokees, including the L model, can fail to tell drivers if the turn signals are working due to a software error. The fix is, unsurprisingly, a software update.

65 Grand Cherokees in the United States, all made on January 26, 2022, are affected; 16 were the standard model and 49 were the L. Generally, FCA US recalls are global in scope unless the problem itself was local.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited Black

Federal law requires that, when a turn signal lamp fails, the flasher has to work at a substantially different rate, which was the case of cars with old mechanical flashers (other than some made with towing packages). Today it’s done by computer, and if the computer doesn’t change the blink rate, owners have no reliable way of knowing when a turn signal lamp stops working.

In affected vehicles, the turn signal works at the high “broken lamp” flash rate regardless of whether a lamp is broken, since someone put in the wrong parameter. The problem was spotted on January 28 and the recall decision was made on April 7.

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