Stellantis CEO clarifies Amazon partnership, ProMaster BEV

During a meeting with Morgan Stanley, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares clarified today’s Amazon-Stellantis announcement.

Carlos Tavares

The deal with Amazon has three major facets:

  1. Stellantis will leverage Amazon’s operating systems in infotainment (an effort which will include the Foxconn partnership);
  2. Stellantis will use Amazon’s cloud services (e.g. AWS);
  3. The company will sell Amazon “a significant number” of ProMaster battery-electric vans. Some specific features will be added to the vans to support Amazon’s needs, which will provide some lessons to Stellantis is what people need.

He added that the company is now completely focused on future products, including the transition to EVs and hybrid-electrics; and now planning is over and execution of plans has begun. 2024 will be a major year for new vehicles; ProMaster BEV will start up in 2023.

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He added that Stellantis is “not PSA, not FCA, it is a new company.”

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