Suddenly it’s 2023 as Jeep Grand Cherokee has surprise changes

Today, Jeep announced a number of changes to the Grand Cherokee lineup, which is now entirely on the WL platform. The heftiest change is making the 4xe plugin hybrid setup standard on the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk , a decision many probably did not see coming. The 4xe provides the power of a V8 (375 hp, 470 lb-ft) with the fuel economy of a four-cylinder (56 MPGe, with 25 miles of all-electric range). It has the highest torque of any 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee, especially at low (rock crawling) speeds, which is likely why that powertrain and model were matched up.

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee (and L)

The 4xe setup appears to be limited to the Trailhawk. Grand Cherokee L does not include a Trailhawk model and it does not appear the 4xe is available on the L. The 4xe is also getting gloss black exterior accents, replacing neutral gray accents.

Jeep noted: “The Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe conquered the formidable Rubicon Trail under all-electric power using Electric mode.”

UConnect 5 with navigation and a 10-inch screen will be standard on the Limited and Overland; the nine-speaker Alpine audio setup will be a standalone option on Limited, while the 19-speaker McIntosh audio will be a standalone option on Overland and Summit.  These changes are common to Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L.

Colors are Baltic Gray, white, black, Ember, Hydro Blue, Midnight Sky, Rocky Mountain, Silver Zynith, and Velvet Red. Interiors are black, black with beige, black with gray, and Tupelo (unlike the greenish house paint, Tupelo is brownish, inspired by honey). These colors are common to the regular and long wheelbase versions.

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