The Official Mopar Blog Gets a Redesign

The Mopar Blog is not new, but the official brand website recently received a full redesign that makes it easier to use and more interesting to enthusiasts of both old and new models. The website includes five key sections – Culture, From the Garage, News, Learning Center and On the Track – each of which offers information from the well-known replacement and performance parts brand.

The Mopar Blog

Section Breakdown

The Mopar Blog

Culture – This is the most interesting section in my opinion, featuring stories about privately owned Mopar vehicles, Mopar related collections, internal vehicle testing information, concept vehicle features and more. As the Mopar folks put it, the Culture section is for those people who live the “Mopar or No Car” lifestyle.

In the Garage – This section includes tech tips for Mopar owners, such as how to properly wash your car, how to take care of your tires, how to improve your fuel economy and more.

News – You might be able to guess this one. This section is for official news from Mopar .

The Mopar Blog


Learning Center – This section has posts that provide all sorts of information, some of which are also found in other sections. For instance, an article about new vehicle testing from the Culture section is also in here, as are some of the informative posts from In the Garage.

On the Track – Finally, this is the section where you will find all sorts of official Mopar motorsports news . Of course, with the legendary Mopar domination of drag racing, that is the key focus of this section, but as time goes on, there may be other forms of Mopar racing information shared.

The Mopar Blog

So, if you are a Mopar fan old or new, the redesigned blog is a great place to enjoy the various private vehicles and official information on the Mopar world.

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