2022-24 Rams not looking back, and other recalls

A software glitch has left roughly 300,000 Rams—an odd mix of Ram 1500s (2022-23),  light-GVWR Ram 3500 chassis cabs (2022-23), and Ram 2500s (2022-24)—without the rear view image displaying when in Reverse. The fix is simply a software update, which must be done at the dealership. The Ram 3500s affected are only chassis cabs with gross weight ratings under 10,000 pounds.

2023 Ram 2500 Rebel HD

Other recalls in a car-light week include “stalling” Nissan Ariyas, also due to software errors and 2022 Mercedes (A220, AMG GLA35, GLA250) with maladjusted headlights.

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