Answered questions about bproauto (updated)

Earlier today, Mopar announced a new line of auto parts for a wide variety of cars and trucks, including those not made by Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram.

Within a minute of posting the story, we had an inquiry from reader Geoff, who asked, quite reasonably, if these were only available via dealerships. Since some dealers have been borderline-rapacious with their pricing, in some cases charging multiples of the list price, while others offer 25% off list, selling only through dealers would have interesting results. What’s more, most owners of, say, Chevrolets or Toyotas would be rather unlikely to go to a Ram dealership to get replacement parts.


A Mopar rep answered quite quickly to confirm that the parts would be sold through standard wholesaler partners as well as through dealerships. In addition, ecommerce solutions are slated for the future.

The new parts will be available for most makes and models, old and new, targeted at value-conscious customers who may have an older vehicle or are looking for a lower cost, and still warranted repair option. 
In addition, the rep answered our question on the status of bproauto versus the existing Magnetti Marelli parts. The bproauto parts brand is new, while Magnetti has been available in South America for decades—that’s the “decades of experience” aspect of bproauto. Over time, bproauto will replace Magnetti in North America. (For more, see our first story.)
Magnetti Marelli was a well-regarded, established parts brand owned by Fiat prior to FCA’s formation; the company sold Magnetti to CK Holdings for around €6 billion back in 2019.

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