bproauto aims at more than STLA cars and trucks

Years ago, Mopar announced that it would be selling parts for other companies’ cars. The idea made sense but perhaps didn’t go as far as it could, because many people associate Mopar exclusively with the former Chrysler Corporation.


The result is likely today’s announcement of a new bproauto® aftermarket parts brand for  high-quality replacement parts at a competitive price. The brand has apparently already been used for decades in Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

bproauto parts are available for most makes and models, and come with up to a two-year/unlimited-mile warranty. Batteries have up to two years of free replacement coverage, while brake pads carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Mike Koval, head of Mopar North America, wrote, “While Mopar will remain the global original- equipment parts and authentic accessories brand for Stellantis, bproauto will offer an alternative for nearly all brands and all cars – new, used, owned, rented or shared. With Mopar and bproauto, our dealerships offer a 360-degree, multi-brand, one-stop-shop solution for nearly all customers, all vehicles and all brands.”

In North America, 30 parts categories will be available, with more phasing in later. Current parts are air filters, batteries, brake pads and rotors, hub bearings, oil and filters, and tire pressure monitors. Future parts will include sensors, air conditioning parts, alternators, ball joints, cables, calipers, bulbs, chemicals and fluids, control arms, cabin and transmission filters, fuel injectors, fuel pump modules, headlamps, coils, radiators, suspension parts, spark plugs and wires, starters, taillamps, thermostats, timing belts, pensioners, U-joints, water pumps, and wiper blades.

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