Recalls hit many cars but not Mopars

Last week was big for recalls, but somehow Stellantis brands weren’t included in any of them.

The Kia Niro and Niro PHEV (2017-22 Nero, 2018-22 PHV) could have engine compartment fires.  Ford recreational vehicle chassis had instrument panel failures. GM recalled 2013 Volts, Sonics, Camaros, and Veranos because of bad airbag inflators. Lucid had three software-based recalls and the 2021-22 Jaguar I-Pace could forget to heat its coolant when the defroster was on, failing to defrost windshields. Also, while these aren’t usually covered, heavy truck makers Volvo and Mack both recalled recent vehicles due to battery short-circuits and fires, which suggests that batter problems are not unique to Jeep.

In the weirdness department, Honda had the wrong information on CR-V stickers on 2017, 2020, and 2022 models; and Kia’s electric oil pumps could cause fires (2023 Soul and Sportage, 2023-24 Seltos).

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